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Integrative Dental Extractions

Remove teeth beyond repair in a safe, comfortable environment with integrative dental extractions in Beverly Hills.
Losing teeth is no fun. It sucks! It not only impacts your smile, but it also affects your emotional state. Sadness, frustration, and embarrassment often accompany tooth loss.

While we do all we can to help you prevent tooth loss, there are some cases where removing a bad tooth is the best solution for your overall wellness. Even so, we make sure to exhaust all options to save teeth prior to jumping and removing them. If a tooth must be removed, know that your body will love you for removing ‘bad teeth’ that cannot be restored.

Turn to R Dental Group for integrative dental extractions in Beverly Hills. We use a holistic approach to ensure your overall health and wellness. Find out more about integrative tooth extractions or prepare to schedule yours by booking your consultation today.

The Role of Integrative Tooth Removal in Beverly Hills

Bad teeth can lead to infections and the release of large amounts of bacteria into your bloodstream, not to mention the pain and bad breath that can be associated with a ‘bad tooth’.

The sooner you remove bad non-restorable teeth, the sooner you get on your journey towards oral and overall health.

And there is a way to do it all with no pain while your emotional and dental/medical needs are equally addressed.

When extracting teeth, we have a great opportunity to build and preserve the underlying bone for future implants and bridges. We also make sure that all infected tissue is removed along with the periodontal ligament of the bad tooth. This way, we don’t have to worry about bacteria repopulating and festering inside your jawbone (as is the case with true jaw cavitations).

That’s why we use Dr. Leedia Riman’s Integrative Extraction Protocol on patients who need to have their teeth removed.

Schedule Your Integrative Tooth Extraction Consultation Today!

Tooth removal is never the first option, but sometimes it is best for your dental and overall health. We consider every other treatment option before extraction, but if you have a tooth beyond saving then we will remove it in the safest, most effective way possible. With integrative extraction, we ensure your long-term dental and physical health.

If you think you may need a tooth removed, now is the time to speak with our compassionate dental team. Schedule your consultation for integrative tooth extraction in Beverly Hills today.

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