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Integrative Dental Cleaning

Enjoy an effective, comfortable integrative dental cleaning in Beverly Hills and walk out with a fresh smile.
Regular dental cleanings help keep your teeth clean, healthy, and problem-free. But not every dental cleaning is created equally.

You deserve comfortable, efficient dental cleanings that set you up for a lifetime of excellent oral health and overall wellness. That’s exactly what we provide at R Dental Group with our 7-step integrative teeth cleaning protocol.

Integrative dental cleaning, also known as holistic dental cleaning, focuses on your overall health. We leverage non-toxic products and methods to ensure the health of your smile and your body. Schedule your consultation appointment today to find out if an integrative dental cleaning is right for you!

Benefits of an Integrative Teeth Cleaning

Our Integrative Dental Cleaning service offers a holistic approach to oral health, focusing not only on your teeth but also on your overall well-being. We understand that your dental health is intricately linked to your overall health, and we optimize both through our unique and personalized approach.

The top benefits of an integrative dental cleaning include:

Experience the Difference of Integrative Dental Cleaning in Beverly Hills

Experience the next level of dental care with our Integrative Dental Cleaning service at R Dental Group. Discover the benefits of a holistic approach to oral health and overall well-being. Our 7 Step integrative teeth cleaning protocol will leave you feeling refreshed and up to date on your self-care. We offer oxygen therapy, laser therapy, and a personalized approach for the most high-end dental cleanings.

We always take our time with your care and comfort. Count on personalized hygiene coaching at every visit to help you master the ability to maintain your smile and teeth.

Contact us today to schedule your Integrative Dental Cleaning consultation today!

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