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Full-Body Recovery

We take a holistic, integrated approach to dental healthcare and overall wellness at R Dental Group!
Dentistry should not exist in a vacuum.

Dental health care is part of your overall health and wellness.

Oral health problems can contribute to mental and physical problems, in the same way that physical health issues can affect oral health and healing.

That’s why we focus on full-body recovery here at R Dental Group. Alongside any surgical procedures, we offer natural supplements to help with pain, microcurrent therapy to bring homeostasis, and red light therapy to promote healing. Visit us for full-body recovery in Beverly Hills.

Risks of Dental Surgery without Full Body Recovery

Undergoing dental surgery without sufficient micronutrients poses several risks and may impact the body’s ability to heal properly. Micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, play crucial roles in various physiological processes. They ensure tissue repair, immune function, and collagen synthesis. When these nutrients are lacking, the body’s ability to recover from dental surgery may be compromised, leading to potential complications. Some of the risks include:

Enjoy Full-Body Recovery After Dental Surgery

To mitigate these risks, we offer full-body recovery in Beverly Hills. We don’t just handle your dental surgery and send you on your way. We help you reduce health risks and promote healing with a holistic approach. Our full-body recovery includes:

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Count on R Dental Group for an integrative approach to dentistry, including full-body recovery. We address your dental health needs in a way that promotes overall health and wellbeing. Improve healing times, reduce pain, and ensure your body maintains homeostasis after dental surgery with full-body recovery.

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